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        "I am Jane Collins, London's ONE and ONLY Bra Lady, serving London, Ontario for over 20yrs, I carry the BEST
        fitting, most comfortable bras EVER!,
Healthy, Custom Fit Bras that really fit and support! I have worked hard
        to gain the extensive training, in Canada and the U.S. to become a certified professional bra fitter and certified
        as a Breast Form Fitter. 
        I have made it a journey to learn about breast health, and proper bra fitting and how those two go hand in hand.
          my products are available in over 200 sizes! as well as a large selection of  Post Mastectomy."

A message to the Bra Lady community and valued clients, I understand COVID-19 has been overwhelming and rapidly changing for everyone, however, I have good news, beginning on Tuesday September 8th. I will be open again for private fittings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays ~ from 10:30 to 4:30 in my new Ilderton home/location.
If these times don't suit you, other arrangements/times can be made.

If you are in need of a bra and know your size and style (I also have records here) I am happy to arrange for pre-payment and pickup at my new home in Ilderton. If this is a service you are interested in, please reach out to me by phone or email ~ 519-495-2307 ,
Any clients who live outside of town can be mailed packages. Once again, I will be monitoring Health Canada’s recommendations carefully, and if anything drastic changes I will post it here on my website.
Be well! Jane

All of my products are the best for function, comfort and practicality as they promote a healthy breast, my bras are ideal for everyday wearing and are also sport worthy and that is why I am your BRA LADY, Londons 1 and only Bra Lady, Jane Collins.
My bras are for all the needs of everyday women who understand and value health, comfort, and shaping.

jane collins the bra ladyAfter my own 14 year personal search for a better fitting quality bra, I found a custom fit bra… completely changed my life!  I had a “difficult” shape to fit, and despaired of ever finding anything in my size... At the time, I had over 20 bras in my drawer, all of them expensive, and none of them came close to fitting, and they were uncomfortable!

I realized I wasn't alone with having difficulties, as I shared what I had found with my custom fit bra with other women the desire to help them took me on the path to becoming "The Bra Lady" - My extensive training, in Canada and the U.S. to becoming a certified professional bra fitter and Breast Form Fitter was my journey to learn about breast health, and proper bra fitting and how those two go hand in hand in becoming The Bra Lady! Your Bra Lady!

So….if you’re exhausted from hunting for a comfortable, supportive bra, contact me for a private fitting, with caring and personalized service as well I also travel around to different communities offering bra clinics. My
In The Community Page has all the details on my next clinics.

I Look forward to meeting you! Sincerely, Jane

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"Before I met Jane I had been trying to find a new bra for some time. Jane's professional, knowledgeable manner helped me relax when I went to her for a bra fitting. The bra I purchased not only feels comfortable  but looks seamless under sweaters. I have been very pleased with the first bra  and have since purchased another one. I would highly recommend consulting with  Jane for anyone trying to find the "perfect" bra." - Mary M 

Lingerie London ontario, custom made bras, jane collins, the bra lady, victorias secret, hand made bras, braziers, bra clinics, "Several weeks ago, I purchased my first wireless bra from Jane and I am amazed at the difference in the comfort. After only a couple of days wearing my new bra, it would be difficult to go back to wearing one with an underwire. I cannot thank Jane enough for her professionalism during the fitting process. She has a wealth of information to share with her clients and knows how to make one feel at ease. Thank you." Donna Mc


"Thanks so very much Jane....I just love these bras, they are so comfortable.  Thanks again" - Marg

Dear Jane
Thanks so much for the "uplifting" package.  I really appreciated your phone call and the speedy service to help me keep my "girls" happy!  Thanks, Heather

"Meeting Jane was probably the most uplifting experience of my life and it all happened at church Yeah "God"
Jane is very abreast of all the latest styles of bras. I had always fantasized that men someday would look at my breasts before they would make eye contact with me. That finally happened the first time that I wore the bra I that I bought from Jane. I don't like to BRAg about Jane but the whole experience has been very titillating" - Mary

I Wanted to drop a line to tell you I've tried the bras, they are very comfy and fit great! I will be keeping in touch! I am so satisfied Thank-you kindly, Carol

I've been wearing Jeunique bra for the past twenty years. It will be the only bra I'll ever wear. Because it's so great fitting, good support and comfy for all day wear. Great for when I am running and jogging. May they always be available.Thank-you Jane! - C